Oyster are the Future, Oysters in our Past

So many reasons to turn to oysters as a primary source of protein


With the population increasing humans need to find alternatives to feed the people

Great Depression

In the Great Depression oysters were a high protein source of food at a relatively low cost


Oysters have so many benefits from cleaning the water, to shoreline protection to a sustainable source of food. How could we not value them?


While many seafoods can be farmed they typically take feed to make them grow, antibiotics to keep them healthy and sometime land to grow. Oyster don't need these resources

Seafood Collapse

Seafood markets around the world are starting to show a collapse. The future is in farming the sea

Climate Change

Meat consumption is one of the highest producers of green house gasses. An alternative to meat would alleviate some of this issue

Native Americans

Native Americans loved oysters and depended on them as a source of food. Pictured is a shell midden where natives would stockpiles their waste as backfill

#1 Aquaculture Product

Oysters remain the number one aquacultured product in America. Typically you think shrimp but it is actually oyster