OH NO! Vibrio

Vibrio the flesh eating bacteria

Vibro is the Genera name of the family of bacteria that thrive in brackish water ecosystems. It may be contracted through a wound or through eating contaminated seafood

What's the chance?

likelihood that a person contracts vibro is .0002%. This figure is based on the CDC report of 82,000 people contracting the bacteria out of the 382.2 million living in the United States 2019

Those more susceptible include the elderly, cancer survivors, pregnant and the ill. Consult your doctor to see if you are high risk

Only in the months with "R"

Historically you only eat shellfish in the months with "r." If you look at the calendar the only months without "r" occur April through August (summer). That's because vibrio reproduces more rapidly in higher temps (68F)

Regulating Farmers so you don't get sick

Farmers of shellfish have strict regulations on when and where they can grow, harvest, and deliver there product. Click the pic to see more.

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