Regulating Farmers


Growing oysters requires a body of water that has been deemed approved or conditionally approved by the FDACS (Florida Department of Consumer Services). They regulate closures of the area based on rain fall and water samples. Automatic closures occur after heavy rainfalls. Regular water samples are taking at many locations all around the watershed


Time is a huge factor. Your oysters are only allowed out of the water for limited time frame. Every 15min that vibrio is exposed to 68F temps the bacteria doubles. If your oysters are out for too long they have to be placed back in the water for a period of 14 days.


When oysters are removed from the water they are immediately placed in ice or quick chilled and tagged with lots of pertinent information. Those tags don't come off until that oyster reaches your plate. Then the tags have to be kept on file for 6 months. All oysters have to be delivered to a facility that has been certified by FDACS and the Health Department to ensure they can be kept sanitary and cool

Our oysters represent us and can be traced all the way back to the farm they come off of. No one wants you to get sick