About Us

Oyster Farm in the south end of Santa Rosa County Florida "Oysters Taste Best in East Bay"

The Person

Sustainable living. It is all about leaving this world a better place.

I am a native of Garcon Point and have always loved the area. I grew up in the woods here and now live around the corner from my childhood home. It has always been my dream to work where I live and live where I work. By doing so I hope to create a carbon neutral lifestyle. Not only am I living sustainably but I am also giving back to mother nature by helping her clean the waters where I swam as a kid.

Marine biologist by education and environmental educator by career. I love, learn and live all things nature. If I build a business that can help generations beyond mine and my family's I will have accomplished my life goals.

The Location

All the protected and preserved area surrounding the farm helps to feed the pristine waters.

The Name

Aquaculture is agriculture. Avalon translates into the island of plentiful fruit. Avalon Beach is where our farm operates

Avalon is the island where the sword Excalibur was forged. Our sword in the stone is an oyster knife in an oyster